Full Nomination List For 2023 JOGAMA (The Green Awards)

2023 JOGAMA Awards Full Nomination List

The Joint Gospel Art and Music Awards (JOGAMA) also known as The Green Awards is an annual awards show which recognizes the effort of creatives in various section of the Gospel Music Industry in Nigeria and it is hosted mostly in the city of Jos (since 2011) which take place every last Sunday of November yearly.

JOGAMA is the biggest Gospel Music Awards show in Northern Nigeria and has gained massive support both at its home State (Jos, Plateau State) and outside the State, thereby giving it more popularity.

Below is the Full Nomination List for the 2023 JOGAMA (The Green Awards) according to the categories they fall under..

JOGAMA Song of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • I Will Pray – Ebuka Songs
  • Hanu a Sama – Greal
  • Karba Oh – Sir Billy
  • Kaunar Ka – Jehu
  • Sau Dari – Mr. Yels (feat. Solomon Lange)
  • Wuta – Job Manja
  • Yadda Kake So – Gabriel Zakka

JOGAMA Male Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Agbutun
  • Bigdelymo
  • Ebuka Songs
  • Ezra Jinang
  • Godstime Okorie
  • Greal
  • JID Vocals
  • Job Manja
  • Kaestrings
    Neken Chuwang
  • Sam P

JOGAMA Female Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Awinnah
  • DJ Penny
  • Grace Yunusa
  • Joy Gwary
  • Kallabi Rukayya Yakubu
  • Nsikan Louis
  • Philippa

JOGAMA Group of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • COCIN Youth Fellowship for “Salama”
  • Crusaders Music Ministry, Jos for “Chanza Ni”
  • De Creed for “No Time”
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JOGAMA Spoken Word Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Asiibii for “We are all Poets”
  • Ismail Moses for “Dear Dad”
  • Inspiration Poet for “Letter To My Mother”
  • Wilson Jejevi Joshua for “The King”
  • Ericshan D.I for “The Mud Hole”
  • Jerry Jr. for “Guns Without Glory”

JOGAMA Sound Engineer of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Engr. Benny Nugroove
  • Engr. Ceaser Ashom
  • Engr. Emma Yepwi
  • Engr. Felix Sounds
  • Engr. Lawrance Amana
  • Engr. Sam Amana
  • Engr. Sam Zira

JOGAMA Video of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • “Babu” by Gabriel Zakka
  • “Blessings” by Phat Kush
  • “Connection” by DJ Penny
  • “Godiya” by Ritduna
  • “Salama” by COCIN Youth Fellowship
  • “Victory Anthem” by Emmanuel Abu
  • “Wakar Uba (The Father’s Song)” by Abel Namadi

JOGAMA Video Director of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Bulus Gyang for “Victory Anthem by Emmanuel Abu” & “Salama by COCIN Youth Fellowship”
  • Eddy Mark for “Babu by Gabriel Zakka”
  • Moe Photography for “Blessings by Phat Kush”
  • SAS for “Connection by DJ Penny”
  • Solex Magic for “Wakar Uba (Father’s Song)”

JOGAMA Audio Producer of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Greal for “Hanu a Sama” by Greal
  • Jehu for “Kaunarka” by Jehu
  • Tayo Christian for “Jani Kusa” by Abel Namadi
  • KDB Multimedia for “Karba Oh” by Sir Billy
  • Samkeyz for “Sau Dari” by Mr. Yels

JOGAMA Indigenous Traditional Fusion & Style Song of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • “Otarok” by Kate Miri
  • “Abba Father” by Isaac Audi (Ice Man)
  • “Arewa Gospel Medley” by Alvry James
  • “Eze Mo” by Ministrel JID
  • “Kurkusa Da Kai” by Eric Nyam
  • “Money Don Testimony” by Kallabi Rukayya Yakubu
  • “More Than a Conqueror” by Sujada Crew
  • “Plenty Blessing” by Bigdelymo
  • “Song of Unity” by Agbutun
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JOGAMA Afro Hip Hop Song of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • “Come To My Aid” by Rap Reverend
  • “GenEx Shalele” by Zan Fada
  • “Hanu a Sama” by Greal
  • “Love For Me” by Haye Frama
  • “Omo Jesu” by Church Mind
  • “On God” by Tem Pee
  • “Ride For You” by Hedrillz (feat. Christ Taliban)
  • “Sako” by The Gempp
  • “The Saint” by Q-Ba
  • “Addu’a” by X Roy

JOGAMA Collaboration of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • ABvocals x Joe Flames & S.O.N for “No Gree”
  • Church Mind & Sage L for “Cover Me”
  • DJ Penny & Sammy SAS for “Energy”
  • Greal (feat. Spokesman, Rairom & Lyrical Jo) for “Hanu a Sama”
  • Ujor Blezzed feat. Jerry Thomas for “Idan Ba Kai Ba”
  • Jay Steve & Isaac Ajila for “Albarku”
  • Jo-flute feat. Jeraiah for “Nagode”
  • MsticxxSolid x Abvocals & Fiver for “Hallelujah Refix”
  • Mr. Yels feat. Solomon Lange ft “Sau Dari”
  • Sonnex x Nate Music & PRokid for “Friend”

JOGAMA EP of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • “Jesus Only” by Lyrical Jo
  • “Karba Oh” by Sir. Billy
  • “Rayuwa” by Iceman (Isa’ac)
  • “Shepherd” by Mafeng Sha
  • “The Place” by Awinnah
  • “To The One, For The One” by Philippa
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JOGAMA Next Rated Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • El Nora for “Vibes”
  • El Shaddai Music for “Yabo”
  • Eric Nyam for “Kurkusa da Kai”
  • Faith Elenu for “Here In This Place”
  • Grace Yunusa for “Ba Wani Kamarka Yesu”
  • Hedrillz for “No Darkness”
  • Mista TK for “Kai Ne Numfashina”
  • Rosemary Sunday Onoja for “Anya”

JOGAMA New Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Daran Loeknoegoet Joshua
  • Ismail Moses
  • Lorace Inga
  • Ponzy
  • Rosemary Sunday Onoja
  • Wilson Jejevi Joshua

JOGAMA Album of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • “Chronicles of Grace” by Eddy Kings
  • “Colours on Grey” by Silva D
  • “Illuminate” by Sam P
  • “Genuine Love” by Jehu
  • “Godiya” by Ritduna
  • “International Worship To The Nations” by Gabriel Zakka
  • “The Prophecy” by Wordsmith
  • “Unbreakable” by Nsikan Louis
  • “Upthrust” by Rap Reverend (Eljoe)
  • “We Are All Poets” by Asiibii

JOGAMA Middlebelt Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Agbutun
  • GPJ
  • Haye Frama
  • Moxie Yaro
  • Neken Chuwang
  • S.O.N Music

JOGAMA North-west Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • Anointed Ishaya
  • Gabriel Zakka
  • Shimfe Ephraim
  • Sir. Billy

JOGAMA North-east Artiste of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • GenEX Shalele
  • Kallabi Rukkaya Yakubu
  • Rap Reverend – El Joe
  • Sam P
  • Steakma
  • Ujor Blezzed

JOGAMA Gospel Comedian of The Year 2023 (Nominations)

  • PraiseDotCom
  • Reverend of Comedy
  • Kalbang Maman Mu
  • Nehemiah Dan (Uwar Zumunta)

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