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Doug Kazé – Brave Album Review

Brave Album Review by Words Diva

Doug Kazé Album Review

Brief Highlight

It is said that if a song is good, put it on a replay. So I say, if an album is good, write it a review.

The Nigerian folk singer-songwriter, Douglas Kaze, popularly known as Doug Kazé, hails from Jos, Nigeria. He is married with two boys, had his Undergraduate Degree and Master’s Degree in English from the prestigious University of Jos and a PhD in English from Rhodes University, South Africa. He is currently a lecturer in English department at the University of Jos.

As an artiste, he has released 2 albums; the first was titled after his name, ‘Doug Kaze‘, released in 2014. Followed by “Paradigm Shift”, released in 2016 which later won the JOGAMA Awards Album of the year 2017. He stepped on the brakes after the second project and in 2019, Mr Kazé made a reappearance with a new single, “Weep not Child” to help cool off the steams. Amongst his many influences as a singer includes, Tracy Chapman, Ali Carla Tourê and Boubacar Troarê.

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The Brave Album Review

Doug Kazé has decided to add to the number of his albums as he presents to us eight delicious dishes cooked in a pot called “Brave” with special touch of professionalism from one of Jos city’s best music producer, Tapshak Raymond. If there is anything that distinguishes his genre of music from others, it will certainly be the nerve-cooling and mind-soothing sound, which could send one’s thought on a journey to discovering what musical instruments employed to this effect. From the noisy silence in “Bird” to the slow but rhythmic movement in “Before Dawn”; from the courageous thumping in “Brave” to the exciting giggles of the tambourine in “Beautiful thing”, from the enchanting melody of the guitar in “Butterfly” to the traditional mix in “Ballad”, from the modern snaps of hip-hop encapsuled in “16 Bars of Sense” , to the head-shaking and feet-stamping beats in “Breathe”, shows a wholesome combination of a masterpiece or better still, a balanced diet for the soul (musically and otherwise).

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Indeed, Doug Kazé is but the Nina Simone of our time, whose music transcends beyond amazing sound to simple but deep lyrics. It is only one with a nose for poetry that will notice the deliberate use of the letter “B” as an initial of all the 8 tracks in the album. Little wonder, the last track “Breathe” features a prominent Jos poet, Younglan Talyoung, whose ways with words is like a painter on canvas. Worthy of note is the delightful synergy of AmarQah’s voice with Doug’s in “Butterfly”, a blend of color and magic!

The Album “Brave” is a river flowing into eight different cities with distinct messages which are but intertwined. Ranging from the echoes of hope in “Bird” to the candle in the dark in “Before Dawn”; the keg of courage in “Brave” to true beauty laced in simplicity and nature found in “Beautiful Thing”, the temporary nature of of humanity and a tale of a lost loved one shown in “Butterfly”, to the charm tied around the waist of love as depicted in “Ballad”, the self-declaration written in “16 Bars of Sense”, to the painful lamentation of brutality and racism engraved in “Breathe”.

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Truly, “Brave” is the entire world divided into eight tracks, a reflection of in-depth reasoning and an anchor in today’s voyage.

Production credit(s)

  • All songs from the “Brave Album” were produced by Tapshak Raymond during the 2020 COVID-19 Nationwide Lockdown.
  • This review was put together by Words Diva.
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